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Fitness Training Diary – Week 5

Have had a helluva of workout session at gym today. Really pushed myself to the limits!

Completed a 5km run in 35 mins using the HIIT (high intensity interval trianing) philosophy on a (approx.) 15 degree inclined treadmill. I am using DJ Steve Boy’s 9 week podrunner program based beats & music mixes to train for participating (and hopefully winning!) a 5 km race! This program has stayed on iTunes ‘BEST’ for at least 5 years in a row.

Did around 30 mins resistance training. For this I am using the 16 weeks abs program of the famous Arnel Ricafranca. He has become an internet celebrity for fitness buffs.

Add all the warm up, cool down, static & dynamic stretching exercises and I worked out for a little more than 2 hours!

I enjoy my time at the gym and feel really good afterwards. I sure get quite tired while I am doing it and sometimes want to stop but I don’t. Persistence pays! I will be doing today what I should have done at the start of this new regime of fitness training; i.e. to note down my weight, arms size, chest size, waist size, etc. etc. and then check measuring it all every weekened to evaluate my performance.

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